23 February 2009

One Step Forward, No Steps Back for GSA Depot

Hillsborough Township is one step closer to acquiring the 369 acre Belle Mead GSA Depot now that Governor Corzine has signed off on the Finding of Suitability for Early Transfer. This document allows the property to be transferred from the federal government to Hillsborough before environmental remediation has taken place.

During the three years that it has taken to get to this point, some have commented that we should be getting this property for free - all clean and ready to go. I have been unable to conclude whether or not that is true, but I do know one thing - if we waited for the feds to clean up the depot, we could be waiting decades.

The purchase price of approximately $16 million will be used to clean the site, and work can begin as soon as the transfer is complete.

Despite questions and lawsuits, Hillsborough is right on track with this project. Every bit of news so far has been positive, with no setbacks. Let's hope that lasts.

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